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Log Home Cost?

Size of Log Home Desired

Probably the first thing to look at is how large do you want to go? Do you want a cabin that’s very minimalistic? Or are you looking for a large spacious home with lots of accommodations and space?

Home building costs can vary widely, especially with the recent trends in the housing and construction markets. What you could expect in 2018 and what you could expect now, are two vastly different subjects. Certain materials have tripled and almost quadrupled in cost, due to supply and demand factors.

What's Realistic?

Home Guide 2021 estimates for the average, 2000 sq. ft. basic frame home to be between $200 and 300k$, and higher end homes around 400k$. Although it will vary according to your personal preferences. And if you’re looking at building a log home, you can expect it will probably fall into the higher end category.

What are the benefits?

Due to the fact that there aren’t very many log homes around, often your property value will go up much more than you ever paid for your log home. That is, of course, dependent on your location and the design of your home.

And there’s not too much that beats coming home to your own log home!

What can You Expect a log Home Kit to cost?

The Log Home Living magazine offers an in-depth look into the cost percentage of each part of your log cabin. They estimate the completed log cabin kit (which is just the log structure) will cost around 33% of your completely finished home. This estimation is for a uniform machine milled log house. If you choose to go the handcrafted rustic route you’re probably looking at closer to 40% of completed home cost.